My Walter Mitty Heart

by willeya

Dear family and friends,

First of all, I know the font size keeps changing in this letter.  Sorry if it is distracting but I am not tech savvy enough to change it.  Ok, moving on….

One of my favorite short stories in high school was “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  It is a story about this guy who was a fighter pilot in war, a brilliant surgeon, and a maverick on trial…in his mind, at least.  In reality, he was an old man taking his wife to town to get her hair cut and new shoes.

I am writing this blog because I am a closet Walter Mitty.  I think we all are if we admit it.  The only difference between me and Walter is that I want my special to come from REALITY.

This is my attempt to see God in the common.  My common, to be exact.  And I have a WHOLE lot of that going on these days.   Today I went a whole thirty feet away from my in-laws house.  Today I didn’t brush my teeth until 1 pm.  Today I looked at fb out of boredom WAY too much.  But today I also ordered a really cool cookbook that will feel like a present when it comes in the mail.  I wore atticus in my wrap so that we were smooshed up against each other like one person. Today I mapped out with the Lord how our family will fill every quaint room in this very italy-like apartment we are looking at (if He allows it; if not, I am sure that it will be a very ugly, beautiful process of a dream deferred).  Today I had “coffee” with my dear friend thousands of miles away. Oooo, and my fav:  today we had breakfast for dinner.

But you get the point. I want to know God in my moments; really seeing and experiencing LIFE in life. I hope to talk about things I am excited about like: babywearing, learning to cook like my sister (healthy, that is), attachment and other counseling related issues, decorating, saving money, hospitality, trying to get to know my neighbors, good books etc….  and things that I want to be passionate about but am still getting there like:  social justice (what the heck does that mean anyways), cooking at all, spending LOTS of time at home, being a “pastor’s wife” (don’t know what that means really either), living in community (every time i’ve tried i’ve gotten my feelings hurt or hurt another’s and then recovered by being alone) and suffering (still avoid that like the plague).

But I would also like a way of keeping up with my very dear and very far loved ones.  If I am good, I will be putting up pics of our new life in NJ and our growing boy.  My goal is to find at least one burning bush a week to write about.

Also, can we make this interactive?  Like, if I ask a question and you have an answer, could you answer?  That would be really great, cause I want to continue knowing your life and burning bushes too.

So this is my vision and aspirations.  Talk to you in a week….or less :)


A (I have too many real names and nicknames to list them all, but they all start with A)

PS…to keep you reading (mom), the next post will have a picture of Atticus