by willeya

i just have a few seconds.  i have visitors coming for coffee and you can’t see my living room floor through the laundry.  but i had a profound thought…i think.  it was born while folding underwear…

so normally i view chores (laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping) as something to get done as quickly as possible in order to live out my “real” life.  by real i mean life that has sustenance and meaning.  HOWEVER, lately, my “real”  life begins at 9 pm.  around this time, when i am done with all the tasks that need to be crossed of the list for that day, when i am finally able to engage in significant, life-giving activity, i am curiously tired.

and then i had this thought:  what if folding this underwear, right now – right here – at 11 am, becomes my “real” life.  what if i don’t rush through these things as fast as i can so that the fun can begin?  what if i turn on some good ole rich mullins, notice the sun coming through my windows, drink my coffee (coffee is only reserved for special moments you know) and recognize the ground-laying, life work that is before me.  and then actually savor the moment of true work and completion (when the underwear is folded, of course) and then maybe at 9 pm, when the last sock has found its mate and the dishwasher is running for the night, i can plop on the couch and feel the satisfaction of a day filled with meaning and real living. a day not lost on even the smallest routine.  profundity – depth of intellect, feeling, or meaning.

now that my visitors are in real danger of sipping coffee next to our undies, i must stop.  LOVE YOU  Bye!