a me night

by willeya

i’m up late tonight.  like “good morning” late.  it all started out with me wanting to go lighter with the blog.   and then i wanted to add a more whimsical picture to go with the light  (in lieu of valentine’s day, please notice the kissing and the hearts on my shirt). and then i started asking existential questions like what parts/how much do i want to show of me in this blog?  and then i wrote a post about feeling vulnerable and naked in this blog.  and then i erased it because i felt vulnerable and naked.  and then i read other people’s blogs who i deem just the right kind of vulnerable – substantive but not stripping.  and then it is 3 am.

oh, it’s such a “me” night. i’ve always been ok with what i see in the mirror.  it’s the unfading beauty of spirit and essence i am anemic in.

this is the point in the night where i have exhausted myself and must end somehow. tonight i end with, “leave it up out of principle of needing something to show from this ridiculously late evening, sleep it off, and let Him speak beauty to you in the morning”.

and self?

yes self?

i like the new look.