while waiting for my banana to thaw…

by willeya

i decided to write a post.  fast. short. simple.

today is filled with good things…

making coconut milk for the very first time.  making a peanut butter banana smoothie out of my new coconut milk.  coconut creamer to put in my coffee that creates the same smooth, caramel-ee color as dairy creamer.  and to top it off, feeling good about all this consumption because coconut is “good fat”.   i think i love coconut…

henri nouwen (dead male catholic netherlands priest writer), my newest kindred spirit.  bosom friends are found in the rarest places.  i am devouring his book “The Inner Voice of Love”.  he expresses my hidden, internal experience and reminds me of deep lessons learned through my dark time so perfectly, as if he were there.

nbc nightly news.  did you know there is a world beyond school ministry babies finding recipes cooking recipes making messes cleaning messes unitentional pajama days and inner processing?  and that peter jennings so kindly delivers it to your home every evening at 6:30 sharp? the WORLD news makes me feel small.  feeling small is the great neutralizer – the trump card – of all other feelings.  it should be taken 1-3 times daily for general well being.

jeopardy.  right after the world news.  to end the day with spousal competition and random facts.

Back to my bananas,


so, dear ones, what are you doing today? knowing minutia about the ones i love makes me feel connected :)