by willeya

it is inevitable that i write a post about food.  i have been avoiding it because a.  i know my husband will inwardly groan “not again” when he sees the title.  but then i think of the eagles and feel fine.  b.  i really do not want to look like a health/food nut (ie paranoid, myopic, with a pinch of pride), partially because if i am not careful i am more than i would like to admit and partially because it is more than a trendy elitist “green granola mom” thing for me.  but tonight i am up late learning how to soak legumes and make my bone broth gel.  it is good a night as any to take the plunge and let you in on my little secret…

i have entered the world of nutrition and food.  words like organic – sustainable farming – nutrient dense – traditonal- whole foods – real food – raw food – raw milk – grass fed – cod liver oil – and free range are used in this new world of mine. i am one of “them” and i like it. wow.  that felt like a confession :). 

and now i will do what any guilty person does: i will explain myself.  this new hobby/passion/brain consuming/time sucking thing is more than what meets the eye.  it is more than just…food.  it’s:

love.  ratatouille, the movie (stay with me here…).  the scene where the mean, cold, unpenetrated food critic is instantly transported back to his childhood by eating a bite of ratatouille soup.  in his memory, he is a sad, weary little boy, walking into his house from an apparently bad day.  his mom says nothing – just hands him a bowl of ratatouille soup and pats his head.  he looks up at her with vulnerable eyes, takes a bite, and his sad eyes turn happy.  in a bowl of soup he finds haven in his mama’s love for him.  so i know it’s a movie and in reality atticus flings his food at me and ben trades his salmon salad for a bowl of cheerios.  but my hours of researching, budgeting, planning, preparing, messing up, trying again is a labor of love.  my heart is for them – to fix nourishing foods on a (semi) regular schedule so that they can count on coming “home” and being filled up with good things.  (a little shout out to my mom – mom, this past year when my family and i were hungry and looking to me to produce something, i remembered all the times you were up before me, fixing french toast for breakfast and lunches to take to school. and then i would come home and fall asleep to sounds of you making dinner. you gave a lot.  thank you.)

worship.  today,while  cooking and singing surpisingly accurate harmonies to over the rhine, i discovered that cayenne pepper has natural aspirin-like elements and helps to ease muscle pain, balance blood pressure, and destroy cancer cells.  right there, in the middle of my busy hands and harmony, i worshiped God.  i said, “wow, God.  you are so cool. ” that was it, but it was sincere.  these “God moments” happen often when i am learning about food or cooking.  He has hidden so much of His wonder, creativity, intelligence, kindness (it doesn’t have to taste so good, you know), and provision (food as medicine) in His food.  with each new discovery, i am in awe of this Creator and compelled to trust Him more. (one more shout out – to my sister this time.  if i am plato, she is my socrates; if i am luke skywaker, she is my obi-wan.  she really gets the beauty of this stuff and is years ahead of me in discovery and practice.  thanks, jen, for finding wonder here.)

simplicity.  do you remember when i wrote a post expressing my desire to live simply?  well, shortly after that ben and i quit the book and spent a sizeable amount on bringing our new apartment up to speed. simplicity fail.  in fact, the only thing i have found successful in bringing any sense of simplicity into our lives is food.  preparing food has a way of setting one’s pace of life.  and good food inevitably takes a long time (crock pots – 8+ hours, bone broth – 24 hours, soaked beans – 48 hours, fermenting foods – 7 days).  as our food changes from “fast” to slow, so do i. 

fun.  the best part of food is the eating (of course) and the relationships that occur around the table.  what is better than enjoying a loaf of homemade soaked whole wheat bread with real butter and a cup of hot tea with friends?  ok, so i have never done this before, but it sure sounds like deep, soulful fun.

ahhh….my confession is complete.  so now i feel the complete freedom to post recipes, discoveries, and my overall nutyness, knowing that you know my heart in it all. 



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