by willeya

Creamy Spiced Coconut Butternut Squash Soup, to be exact 

one “burning bush” this week that i had the energy to turn into a post. and, way too good not to share: 

 it has all my criteria for a good sustainable meal:

  • it was EASY.  on a scale from 1-5, i give it a 5.
  • it was NOURISHING & WHOLE.  seasonal vegetable with homemade bone broth for protein.  coconut milk fat to aid digestion.
  • it was CHEAP.  $8.  the rest i had already.
  • it was YUMMY.  sweet and salty combo. a pregnant woman (no, not me!), a husband, and a baby all liked it. 

i changed the vegetable oil to coconut oil, didn’t use chinese spice b/c i didn’t have it, forgot the chicken stock the first serving and added it the second -they were both good-, made sure to use full fat coconut milk, and added chopped green apple for texture and tart – a very good choice. 

i would add a picture of our creamy-orange goodness contrasting with our cute red and green “soup” (literally, they say soup) bowls but we ate it.  i’ll leave you with this instead:



ps.  one day soon i am going to share my discovery of making bone broth.  cause, by golly, it’s so easy and practically a SUPER food.

ps.  friends who cook, let’s do life together a thousand miles away (or five).  let’s encourage one another in the dailyness of it.  post the last recipe that you found that fits my criteria (i’m sure yours would do just fine, but i don’t know them :).