slow mover

by willeya

dear atticus,

you officially crawled tonight.  you have been trying to for about a month now.  but tonight you did it – two whole crawls forward (not backward, like before).  you wanted dada’s cell phone so bad!  dada looked up the average age a baby crawls.  it said 6-9 months.  you are 11.

you have always been a slow mover, more interested in taking things in than attacking them.  you began steadily rolling over around 9 months. your first tooth came in then too.  some say that you are “behind” but i see that you are using the time to be still and study.

i remember the time at grandpa and nana’s house after church; you must have been 6 or 7 months old.  it was a lazy sunday afternoon and so were you.  you laid on me for at least an hour, not even playing with anything.  just watching the game with the boys and being close to me.  every once in a while you would lean your head back and touch my face.  just to make sure i was still me, i suppose.

i remember the time when you did the same thing with noni. no tv.  just you and her. she drank you in and you let  her.

i remember the way you study the freckles on my face and my neck.  there are a lot of them but i think you have  found – and pointed to – them all.  i love how your eyes cross when you get real close.

i remember today, coming outside to you and dada laying in the sun on the blanket.  you were flat on your backs,  heads smooshed together.  dada thinks you were laying with him – not moving – because the sun was blinding you. he points to this picture as evidence, but nah.  i think it’s because blowing leaves, blue skies, and nearness are beautiful to you.

precious atticus…

you are calm.  you are cautious.  you are reflective.  you are relational.  and you are in no hurry to be a toddler.

you are perfect…for me.

i love you honey,