“guest blogger”

by willeya

From Dad:

Dear Atticus,
So it is late, and since I made your mother sit through a boring episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ I am using this post to both tell you ‘I love you’ and to get some of the points back that I just lost.

First off, you have a giant head. I am fond of it. But, it is huge. Hopefully, by the time you are old enough to care, the rest of your body has caught up to your lollipop.

Secondly, I am hoping that you are able to read this by the time you are a teenager. If your literacy development is on the same course as your mobility, however, I just hope it will be before you are in your mid-thirties.

Finally, I will tell you what I really mean to say. It is something that I mean in each word I say to you. Something that is inferred in the above teasing (don’t worry, I will teach you the whole NJ sarcastic language!). It is what I whisper as I carry you to bed. It is what I say when I take videos of you on my phone and then make you watch them with me. It is the statement that my heart says each time we laugh together, play together, console each other and take care of your various body needs (what goes in and what comes out). It is the truth, and I mean it with all that I am …

“I love you, my boy, and I am so grateful that God has entrusted you to our care. I am so very proud of you, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”