my hope for you…

by willeya

dear Atticus,

once upon a time your mama was a student.  so when you sit at the kitchen table, thinking she is a bear for not letting you leave until you have spelled all ten words correctly, she will tell you she understands how numb your bottom is and to keep sitting.

and once upon a time – when your mama was a student – she learned a great thing.  this thing is a conversation starter, a fear teller, a hope catcher, a game, a tender moment between two people.  it’s simple and little – not hard like spelling or math.  it goes like this…

finish this sentence: my hope for you is…..

i have many hopes for you, Atticus.  your very name was chosen from hopes.  but i am thinking of one very big one tonight.  probably the biggest.

you see, dear one, tonight is very special.  tonight we clear our minds and ask Jesus to take us back in history, to the night he died.  we sit in hushed, candlelit rooms and remember His last moments on earth. we remind each other of why He died – how He died. you look at me as i raise my hands and cry a little.

my BIGGEST hope for you – baby Atticus – is wrapped up in this day, Good Friday. i hope His blood will cover you and that you will let it wash in and out, over and under, all the way through you. i hope that His blood becomes as real to you as your own.

there is power – wonder working power – in this precious blood of the Lamb’s.  i felt it tonight.  i pray one day you’ll feel it too.