what’s left

by willeya

it's night
you're new and we're getting the feel:
At 2 am I check to see if you’re real
At 3 am your eyes are bright,
We snuggle and squeak in our world in the night
It's 4 am and you've managed to scoot
till i have no room
you want to be close - as close as the womb

It’s summer now and you are still little
We spend the days in bed - strangers falling in love
Da and I with you in the middle
I remember the sunrises of your very first summer
We nurse in the chair that faces the lake
I  sit there adjusting to all that you take

The seasons turn and with it our lives
It's only us three with nothing to lose
I would feel alone but you lean close to use
My face as your mirror
I soften my eyes and crinkle my face for you to find safety
not fear
Your rhythm shapes mine - your life gives me focus
This year is given to love instead of the locusts

Winter comes and we’ve found a new place
To live shoulder to shoulder, face to face
Meals are cooked with you at my feet
Wiped tears and bottoms are part of the beat
100 feedings in the rocking chair
100 times you play with my hair
You like to discover the world on my back
Through my eyes
But do you realize?
You are opening mine

Floors swept, groceries bought -
Songs sung, naps fought -
Walks walked, stories told -
Each a seam knitting our souls

A year and what are we left?
left with the other inside
Though now I am your sun, then I will be a ray
Though now you crawl towards, soon you’ll move away
My heart - though heavy - will stand it
Cause no matter how long you are gone or how far you may get…

You are a part of me
And I’m a part of you