by willeya

it’s summer and i want to travel. to be anywhere but here.  and how far i’ve gone in my mind…

i went to london in the library.

This is London

by Miroslav Sasek.  charming with fascinating tidbits. children’s books are still – and will always be – where it’s at.

I went to Ireland in a movie.

p.s. i love you. a seriously good movie.  very few chick flicks touch on something substantial – and then portrays it vividly – but this one does. it’s about losing a spouse and is partially set in ireland.  a dead irish spouse.  if you know anything about me, you know this is a setup for something beautiful.  and you know i was a ball of romance and inspiration on my couch, abrupt, staccato sobs completing the therapy.

and then i went to germany over the phone. my friend bethany is there. these are her adventures:  they include german pastries, swiss alps, and our co-claimed boyfriend, henri nouwen.  i’ve never been one for germany, but i feel myself swaying.

for two weeks now i have sought escape and these have provided opportune getaways.

and then tonight something different happened inside of me.  something pleasantly, genuinely, spontaneously, unexpectedly different…

we walked to the neighboring town to see its sights.  it had a man on stilts and unique jewelry and a surprisingly good teenage band, all with coffee ice cream.  after the little one was tucked in, i walked to the library. it was almost dark but not quite. the soft colors and porch lights made the houses look inviting.  the air was so perfect that for the moment there was no such thing as weather.  on the way to the library i passed by john’s friendly market. john just died and the whole town mourned…

letters poured in and were stacked in his seat in aisle 2.

i looked in and saw the boy-man that works over forty hours there…and goes to school.  his familiar face made me want to know his name.  i asked once, but forget now.  there’s time, i thought. and kept walking.  in the library i picked up a book  – set in ireland of course – and a movie we have been wanting to see too.  checking out, the librarian giggles to herself and tells me that i can renew my books online or by phone. knowing i will see her again, i join in on the joke as i pay my fines.

this walk through town has caught my attention. on the way home, my thoughts and my body land in the same place and i become present. not in london. ireland. or germany. but here.  i notice the black clock with faces on all four sides. i hear the sounds of skateboards and laughing kids and bugs.  it’s dark by now. when i turn the corner earth flips its switch and lightning bugs turn on all at once; they seem like hundreds – nature’s white lights.  i finish my walk home totally entertained.

europe is intoxicating and will always be the place i choose in books, but this quaint “backyard” beckons me stay and play.  this small town is like my high school sweatpants and ben’s too big yellow sweatshirt – being in it feels familiar, relaxing, and right.  i remember princeville, a haven of lovely gifts to my childhood.  i receive similar offerings from this place.

ready for bed, hearing nothing because the burrough has gone to sleep, i am happy to be reading about far off places and i am happy to be here…

where i am.