on hobbies and hair

by willeya

well i think i did it folks.  i think i found a bon-a-fide hobby.  it took a lot of years and  many false alarms and – yes – even some soul searching, but i think this may be legit.

natural. frugal. frugal. natural. naturally frugal.  frugally natural.

whatever way you spin it, i can eat every product i put on my body tonight and not have to call poison control.

so, in my excitement, while measuring pouring shaking suds-ing rinsing rubbing, .i made a top 10 list of why this interest just may last. but i could only think of 9…

  1. it’s outside “the system”.  they say po-tat-o; i say po-taht-o.  i am strangely satisfied by making it creatively; doing it differently. the next time i walk by the hair care section in target, i imagine i will feel wonderfully wild and independent…and victorious?
  2.  i don’t have much money. and hobbies are expensive.  but not the ones that you have to pay for anyways (like food, shampoo, conditioner, gel, lotion….). it’s like a two-in-one deal. i’m workin’ that system.
  3. napping friendly. {for atticus}
  4. it’s holistic. i’ve always said that the physical is emotional. the spiritual, physical.  that we are puppets with every string attached to something.  do i really believe that using coconut oil will somehow someday touch my mood, my centering with God? yes, i do.
  5. it smells truly good. my aunt gerry – love her – used to wear those imitation perfumes that smelled like the name brand [for 5 seconds] but came in an aerosol can.  they were a shadow of the real thing.  that’s kind of how i feel about all perfumes.  and shampoos and conditioners and lotions.  they say “lavender” but only lavender smells like lavender. and  only lavender leaves you clean and whimsical when you breath it in.
  6. {my personal favorite} i think this might qualify me to finally be a proverbs 31 woman. fat chance, i used to think.  but with this…she does seem to make a lot of things. ;)
  7. may not die of cancer.  but then again, i may.  this one has to stay a perk or i’ll drive myself crazy. or be a very entitled, bitter woman if anything goes wrong.
  8. i love me a good change. my personal hell is to live 7 identical days. but with smell, the mix-it-up potential is huge:  lavender chamomile lemon myrrh peppermint eucalyptus sage rose jasmine grapefruit lemongrass tangerine orange rosemary ginger cinnamon. how fun would it be to wake up and pinpoint your mood through a scent: “i’m feeling quite…. mandarin today”.
  9. last but ben says not least – it makes me happy.  not the soul deep i am loved and lovely happy.  but the squeal-kiss-your-man-twirl-your-boy-make-dinner-while-singing kind of happy.  and that’s important too.
on a practical note, my hair turned out great. [but i hear there’s a “nappy” stage to come]
tonight the apple cider vinegar {2 cups; 10 drops eucalyptus oil} conditioner was the star.  my hair is soft and manageable and smells truly good. in all fairness, my bangs are in a pin because the oils were too much for them. but the rest is great.
i would say the coconut oil was runner up.  i used it as my de-frizzing creme and body lotion.  again, great texture and smell.
                                                                                                                                              my source, you ask?
 http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2008/08/homemade-natural-hair-care-shampoo-recipe.html                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the next thing, you wonder?  deodorant :)