mom talk

by willeya

atticus has a new toy.  it starts with “p” and ends with an “is”.  he twirls it, squeezes it, and in general just loves this new toy.  i am really ok with this, realizing it is part of the “package” (haha…ok i’ll stop).  we have a “no shame” policy in this house and are crossing our fingers that it is a phase.

no problem, right? um – slight problem.

i have lost total control with poopy diapers.  this week i had to call in the reinforcements to help me reign it in.  while ben employed hypnobirthing breathing and counting [to help with the gagging], holding him down, i cleaned his toes, ankles, thighs, back belly button, fingers, underneath fingernails [those were tricky], and mouth, all smeared in poop. this morning it happened while i was all alone.  i was afraid this might happen.

so this is how it happens.  before i can fully lift the diaper flap away, he’s reaching for his new toy.  if only i had four hands.  today i gave him another toy [antibacterial soap bottle].  ok, not smart i know, but i panicked.  at first he took the bottle and i thought “aha”. i am sure there was more i was planning to think but i got interrupted by atticus rubbing his toys together.  he ends the act with the bottle in his mouth.

any attempts for order and hygiene are lost.  twenty minutes later [no diaper should take that long] i am left with that lingering poop smell, wondering if should call poison control for the poop or the antibacterial soap, and a laughing, victorious child.

help! my son eats his own poop.  moms [i am assuming you are the only ones i am talking to by now], have you experienced this?  what has worked with your child?  or is this just a rite of passage of motherhood?  i really am at a loss…