by willeya

for the first time in a long time i am filled with pictures instead of words.  the people we’ve seen, the moments we’ve had, the beauty of the open plains.  this lack of words is a sign of peace and i welcome the serene scenes that take their place….

except – my pictures are stuck in my broken memory card.

and so i am silent.  until things are fixed, i have nothing to say.

[though i can feel a tribute to maeve binchy for rekindling my love affair with fiction rising up within me].

i will leave you with what fills and explains me most in these recent days [picture accurate but not mine]:

a midwest sunset over empty plains leaves me with an ache. hopeful. nostalgic. overflowing. speechless.  a hopeful nostalgic overflowing speechless ache.

if i ever retrieve my pictures from my camera, there will many “words” to come.