wordless wednesday

by willeya

ahem [waiting patiently for the whispers to cease]

welcome to wordless wednesday.  the day of the week where i post a picture with no words.  life does the talking, so to speak.

[applause erupts]

oh why yes. thank you. it is a grand idea, isn’t it?  but i really can’t take the credit.  my dear friend bethany already does it on her blog.  [i squint – find her in the crowd – a wave of thanks]

a few details,

this may or may not happen every wednesday.  no promises on good pictures – just real ones.  if you see a picture and a word fills your brain – go ahead – name it.  we’ll call it the name game.


what’s that? too many words for wordless wednesday? just get to it?  ok ok, for the first [and hopefully not the last] time ever on this blog i present to you…