thanks babe

by willeya


the egg sandwich tonight when cooking was the last thing i wanted to do.  [and adding the tomato i never would have thought of].

filling my car up with oil and gas.

calling AT&T and finagling me a new phone. on your birthday.

listening to me cry till 3 in the morning.  on your birthday.

that hot date.

getting up with Atticus so i could sleep.

reading next to me  in bed while i took my nap even though the couch would have provided better back support because you know i like you near.

reminding me we’re on the same team.

having me sit on your lap while atticus sat on my lap while you prayed for him before bed.

being mitchell to my cam ;)

coffee from starbucks.

being vulnerable.

getting your clothes the night before so the squeaky drawer doesn’t wake me up.

walking to the store for those missing onions.

increasing our grocery budget when you’d prefer Aldi’s.

texting “i love you”.

coming home at 5 pm. sharp.

tidying up the house [a lot] instead of complaining that it’s too cluttered.

calling me annie.

not taking me too seriously when i do.

those walks you hate.

telling me no when it’s right even when i push really hard.

kissing me goodnight.

{and all in one a half}