just write

by willeya

if you haven’t figured this out about me yet, i’ll just tell you.

i love food. i love ben. i love girlfriends. i love God. i love atticus. i love coffee.

and i love to write.

like at 2:30 when i haven’t eaten lunch and just barely gotten out of my pajamas. when 15 people are coming over to my house in 5 hours and the laundry piles around me, with the pumpkin bars still in the pumpkin and the grimy rim still in the toilet.

i love to write when i shouldn’t in the moment. that’s half the excitement.

i’m not the only one with this guilty pleasure – other people feel the meaning in the moments too.  and believe that moments freely written – not pondered to be explained – are most holy.

so i am letting go to just write. and i am linking up to just write.

and i can barely wait for the next moment.