one step closer

by willeya

to a toxin free home.

i FINALLY ran out of my death by aluminum deodorant stick.  actually, i ran out three days ago and just went without. wow. i have no business e.v.e.r. doing that again.

so after calling trader joe’s to double check that their baking soda doesn’t have aluminum [because that would definitely defeat the purpose] i combined:

1/4 cup baking soda [trader joe’s]                                                                                        1/4 cup arrowroot flour [wegmans]                                                                                         5 tablespoons coconut oil [nutiva ordered online]

it took me two minutes to pour, mix, store. they say it will last me three months for two people and since ben is not a believer, that means i’m set for the next six months. and if i did the math, i’m pretty sure i would find the ingredients to be under $5.

do i dare say it works better than the death stick?  i’ve been out of the shower for 7 hours and there is no trace of body odor.  only subtle coconut.  usually by now it’s a solid combination of good and bad.

2 minutes, 5 dollars, 6 months. 0 toxins.  and it works.

oh. the satisfaction.]