4 easy steps to a whimsier YOU (and me)

by willeya

STEP ONE:                                                                                                                   use a specific event/deadline to tip you over the edge to do something you’ve been wanting for a long time now.  like having no clue what famous couple you and your husband are going to be for the church “famous couple” costume party in three hours. like your mother-in-law’s short straight hair when you decide to be her. many a risk have been taken in a hurry.

STEP TWO:                                                                                                              spend time with someone who is equally as spontaneous as you would like to be.  or at least someone who finds it all very exciting.  like my husband who shoo-ed me out the door at the prospect of something – anything – new.  and who since working for his father has found no cost to high a price to pay for a good nepitisim joke. together, say “this is crazy” at least ten times – it will double the fun.

STEP THREE:                                                                                                                be inspired by those who have gone before – and are the happier for it.  alyssa milano. winona ryder. meg ryan. hallie berry. kate winslet. emma watson. katie holmes.  they are all adorable to me in their short straight hair.  just the look i feel inside.  if there is ever a time to think, this is it. if you think you are going to hate your life forever if this does not go well, don’t do it. i considered my circle face seriously.  this is about being spontaneous, not stupid.

STEP FOUR                                                                                                                        just do it. so many good, fun changes have to just been done. hand the picture to the lady in the hair cuttery that is more concerned whether she can charge you for a straightening blow dry than the fact that you have had long curly hair for the past 15 years. let her cut.  let go of the fear that your face is too round for this and relax into the last shampoo your long ends will ever see…..

i realize a bullet pointed whim is an oxymoron of sorts.  why yes i am.