fall {a practice in creative writing}

by willeya

the write practice is an online writing community that seeks to write something everyday and to help each other improve through feedbacktoday’s assignment was to explain a “fall moment”. if you love the idea, join us: http://thewritepractice.com/fall/.  


autumn is wind. he is alive and whispers close.  his words are gentle and flowing, then fast and forceful. up and down, loud and soft, strong and still, he whispers comfort.  the silence is his breathing in.

autumn is color.  in red i see blood; in brown i see death; in green i see life. orange is fire, yellow is sun, purple is glory. fall is the creation unbridled.

autumn is cold.  it presses itself against my hot skin and brings relief.  the cold lays its hands on mine, covering them completely, making them hard to move. with stiffened hands, i am forced to slow.

autumn is apples. sauced, pied, spiced, cider-ed, left whole – i taste them all.  slurp. gulp. crunch. wet, sweet, with a bitter end.  mmm,  fall is yummy.

autumn is earth.  all the other senses have prepared me for this moment.  i stand here, a mere speck in the middle of this land.  lifting my face, i sniff deeply. autumn’s scent is carried to me by the wind, preserved by the cold, mixed with apples, and explained by the colors that surround me. it smells like leaves and soil and fire and cooking and home.  

autumn is glorious. full of glory.