145 million burning bushes – take 2

by willeya

[YES, i did already post this. however, upon posting my wonderful husband thought the imagery too subtle and decided to edit the post while i made dinner.  his edits included but were not limited to “scene 1” “moses’ moments” and “insert cheers here”.  a-hem not quite the tone i was going for.  since i didn’t have time to fix things, i just deleted it.  thus the confusion.  

i decided to let it go but it was like a child demanding to be born.  then my creative writing assignment for today was to write about something that brought WONDER to me in the past week.  so i thought “here’s my chance”. and i took it.]

the bush really did seem on fire.  out of all of the fall scenery outside of my car window, this one halted the casual words flowing between my husband and me.  it caused me to turn backwards in my passenger seat so i could see it a moment longer.  it seemed the blue sky and the green fields were created for this one creation, to be a backdrop of perfect contrast.  the flame red bush stood ablaze against the cool of blue and green.

burning bushes are significant in my life.  they have long been my pursuit of wonder in the daily pulse.  yet, i never knew they actually existed.  seeing this bush – red and hot and real as ever- was like God Himself showing up,  shouting “I AM HERE. BEHOLD ME”.  and like Moses on that day, i WONDERed at this God who makes things glow.

i have come to realize that burning bushes are everywhere and that the most wondrous aren’t bushes at all…

like the 145 million children without families.  usually numbers make me fuzzy.  last sunday – in the front row of church – this one made me see.  right then and there,  i closed my eyes and I was back in the country, on that drive, with those fields and that sky.  instead of one bush burning, there were 145. million.  145 million burning bushes.  each child uniquely holding the beauty of God.

the fields are on fire with beautiful souls.  the light they give floods my face and bends me in WONDER. and  in holy passion that they be loved.

so tell me, what burning bushes did you encounter this week?  let’s share a cup of holy.