little thanks

by willeya

it is a cool, gray morning.  the earth is wet and thanksgiving is tomorrow.  like a baby on schedule, my heart is timed to eat His blessing – to notice the fullness after the meal.

the baby is sad from his teeth coming in and cold cubes are not helping.  i put him in his crib while i brew us ginger tea, hoping that will help. something about sharing a cup of tea with my son that makes me thankful.

the tea is ready but his bedroom is silent.  he’s fallen asleep so i take my first sip alone.  hhhmmm.  now i am thankful for two cups of tea.

ginger tea for a rainy morning before thanksgiving  {2 mugs}

bring two mugs of water to a boil

peel & grate 1-2 inches of ginger root. place in water.

boil ginger water for 20 minutes

  strain ginger & pour water in mug to cool

stir 1 spoonful of raw honey into tea


*ginger and raw honey are rich with immune boosting properties so drinking is unlimited. i hear the chinese drink 8 cups a day.