light through the window

by willeya

done with the morning push i am sitting in the living room. atticus is sleeping and my house is pretty messy with dishes and laundry but not this room. from this one spot {if i don’t look right} i can’t tell at all.  this is my favorite room and my favorite light of the day and i want to really see it before i start the afternoon hustle towards dinner.

the sun is at its peak and shining strong through the window.  the lace white curtain catches the light and turns it into a delicate pattern on the wall and the hutch.  the color white is all around me and sparkles in the sun; the pearls and crystals the most.  if i had my christmas tree to do over again, i’d do it all white, but the red provides the cozy to this moment.  there are gifts under the tree now too.  the words “joy” “peace” and “dream” stand as soldiers guarding the fort.  they were strategically placed to read as i need them.

sitting quietly here, white, light, joy, and peace come from the outside and work their way in. late night decorating was a deposit for this moment. it’s little things like sun through white lace on a winter afternoon that fills me back up.  i am ready for those laundry and dishes now.

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