love turned brave

by willeya

i’ve heard it said that “everybody’s plate is full” and  i’m starting to believe it.  anybody i know well is carrying something heavy and with long suffering. put us all together and we could sink a ship.  if we could see each person’s battle in pounds and numbers, i think we’d be shocked to see the lead balls people carry around – down the street, to the park, through the grocery store. i hold mine and you hold yours and somehow we manage to say hi without sounding out of breath.  so much is invisible.

a dear friend of mine, tracy, has been sick for a while.  i know a bit about the silent suffering of autoimmune disease because of my sister’s journey.  last week was a glimpse for me into the lead ball she carries day after day and it left me amazed at the courage of her life.  getting dressed, being thankful, pulling energy up from the soul because the body won’t give it.

the morning sun is just so darn faithful.

raising children, restoring marriages, fostering children, personal healing, losing children, church ministry, broken bodies, working hard for the money then working harder to make it stretch. these are just some of the portions of my loved ones’ overflowing plates.

the brave is in between it all.

where it is missing may we see each other’s cracks and fill them in with love.

because love turns us brave.

we sang this for tracy but it is my heart for all those i love, really.

ps. i really should say that i got this idea from the extraordinary ordinary’s blog. good stuff always flows from that lady over there.