{poems are for everybody}

by willeya

{so she says}

you don’t have to tell anyone about it
feel awkward or embarrassed
touch shame
but do it
throw open the windows
the doors
pull off your clothes
and let the sunshine nibble at you
while you announce your worth
in a song
or a scream
or a whisper
don’t go another day
hiding that light
pretending that you do not
have a crown on your head
the king of your only life

ok, i disagree with her on the last line but whatever

{so i try}

i hear his sad
before i smell the coffee
of this afternoon nap
i’m all weary
and he’s not calling my name…
i go anyway
to not miss one kiss of his head
or smell of his hair
he flips and flops
settles then stirs
searching for a cool spot on his pillow
like it’s a
finally he finds it and
he’s hot wax melting over me
face down in the corner
between my arm and my chest
i hold him past the quiet
’till my arms begin
to tremble
and his weight begins
to sink
into the part of me that is



***  Amy Turn Sharp is my newest secret i love to tell.  She is writing one poem a day in order “to start a revolution of lovely words”.  She believes everybody is a poet and i think she’s right.  not in the publishing sense of course, but in the human sense.  this is my first poem [except this one] of my adult life and while i know it’s not much to read, it exposed my soul to the nibbling sun. goodness knows we could all use that this time of the year.