by willeya

i wrote this poem as a response to keith jenning’s “word in a word” writing prompt: BELIEVE is the word he has given, highlighting “lie” and “eve” within it.  make them dance, he says.

this is also in response to my personal wrestling yesterday.  yesterday i struggled with feeling left out and obsolete, like i am not a part of some big happening and that if only i fit, my soul wouldn’t snag.  

i wrote this poem to remind myself that this is the oldest lie in the Book.

the way i see it
Eve’s biggest mistake was to beLIEve
that with cupped hands
mouth to ear,
ear to mouth,

a Cosmic secret was whispered through everyone
but her. 
she beLIEved the lie that in the
upper left drawer of the
dark brown dresser in the
room that’s not hers laid the
same color thread as the
stitch in her soul
a pea in her mattress, this undefined missing
she couldn’t sleep till it smoothed
restless and stirring
she leaned into the murmur
of promise
which became the groan
of creation
to ooooohhhhh
BELIEVE that right here with Him,
nothing is missing.