if i had known the miracle of you

by willeya

pregnant ladies
in long flowing dresses
rub their bellies
in time with the songs
and words to each other
each sunday
at church

touching hands through the glass
sending morse codes of love

i watch them
and remember me
scared of the life
growing inside
not keeping the secret
but not telling it either

instead of the pop of a cork
at a party
the news leaks slow
like a nail
to a tire
best friends at five months
church ladies at six
grapevine style
word spreading around

i hold you on my belly
and you kick up the stairs
home from church
i stop from your weight
you lean in
cross your eyes
and say

i want to stand on top of a mountain
face up,  arms out
with you wrapped around me
and shout to the world
the miracle
of you

it’s what i’d have done
if i had known