Cabin on the Lake

by willeya

this is the third time atticus has stayed at the cabin on Big Twin lake, just through the woods and down the driveway from ben’s grandparents.  the two of us vacationed there before atticus and before me, ben with his family since he was born.  and his family before him.

in this little lake cabin is a green book, ragged from years of writing.  it looks like it was purchased in 1970 something and the pages are yellow.  it’s close to being filled, each page a visitor chronicling the time that they had.  i am always sure to add ours; it’s one of those things i know i will be glad to read over again.

this year’s entry happened in five minutes while atticus was running around naked before a bath.  yet, it carried the essence of the week and how perfect it was for us.  here it is from memory, so it won’t be exactly the same:

August 22-30, 2012 (you always start with the dates you were there)

“this was the most successful rest we have had since having little atticus.  this must mean he is growing up.  the mornings were chilly for coffee and sweatshirts; the days were filled with playing in the lake (which atticus affectionately calls “the bath”), walks under the line of trees that come together to make a canopy, bike rides along the petosky bay, and naps in the cabin with the light coming through.  the weather even seemed to know when it was Sabbath; it rained all day Sunday.  some evenings noni and grandpops had us for supper and some especially still ones we kayaked over the water at twilight.  atticus looked so cute in his life jacket.  the moments in between were filled with books and stories, and then some.  now all that’s left is to give this boy a bath and to take one last walk up the hill to say goodbye to noni and grandpops…and to tell them of our littlest one, due in the spring.”

*we found this last bit of news the first night of vacation. one more memory that makes this place so special.