give us three hours and it will all make sense again

by willeya

“Jo’s ambition was to do something very splendid. What is was, she had no idea as yet, but left it for time to tell her.” –Little Women 

i have been telling ben for a while now that i miss us – not us the parents, cleaning-cooking duo, couple friend, or ministry partners – but just us.  this weekend between the three parties and one concert we hosted and attended, he began to feel this too.  so today after work we left atticus at nana’s a couple hours longer and snuck off to dinner and the bookstore.  sipping coffee, searching for baby names to bestow on our littlest one in my tummy is by far my favorite date of all time.  if that’s all having children was, i’d have a thousand.

ben feels that more than us is getting past him, so he ordered his life with a list of goals that will bring him back.  as i read his goals, it reminded me of someone i once knew.  me in high school, spending hours with God, not leaving until i found peace.  me in college, reading books and praying with girlfriends.  me in grad school, writing life mission statements and reading more books.

i told ben that if i were to make resolutions to get that person back, atticus would become a burden, keeping me from all the rest.  besides work, i keep my days open slates for me to meet our basic needs and for him to write on.  it’s not that i will never return to a life of intention and resolutions, it’s just that too much purpose gets in the way of who i really want to be right now – a present, contented mom of young kids.

i was going to tell you a true {free} story that one has called a “story for the ages”, but Ben wants to start The Hobbit together.  there were a couple of things on his life list that move me along too; i am grateful he is there, providing the broad brush strokes that paint our life picture, while i follow behind, filling in spots that he left with the detail and color of following through.  one of his goals is for us to read together.  it’s been so long since i’ve read a classic.

instead of the story that would take too long to tell, i will leave you with a list of boy names that we found tonight that means peace, which is the vision we have for our second son…and his name.  not a lot to work with, but we will find the perfect one.  feel free to pick a favorite.


AbsalomHebrew, father of peace

Axel—Danish, German, father of peace (a form of Absalom)

CalumCeltic—dove, symbol of peace

CasimirSlavic, peaceful leader

ColmCeltic, dove, symbol of peace

FrederickGerman, peaceful ruler

Geoffreypledge of peace, God’s peace

GodfreyEnglish, peace of God

Halim–Arabic, peaceful, gentle

HumphreyGerman, peaceful warrior

JonahHebrew, dove, symbol of peace

KynastonEnglish, royal peace settlement

ManfredGerman, man of peace

MiloGerman, peaceful, mild (among other possible meanings)

OliverLatin, the olive branch is the symbol of peace

PacianoLatin, peaceful

PaxLatin, peace—Roman god of peace

PaxtonLatin, peaceful village

PazSpanish, peace

PlacidoSpanish, peaceful

SalamonHungarian, peace (version of Solomon)

SalemHebrew, peace (related to Shalom and Solomon)

ShalomHebrew, peaceful

Sheehan—Celtic, peaceful

ShilohHebrew, place of peace

ShlomoHebrew, peace

SiegfriedGerman, peaceful victory

SolomonHebrew, peaceful

Wilfred—English, hopeful of peace

ZalmanYiddish—peace, form of Solomon