The Year My Children Were A Ghost and a “Little Moose” For Halloween

by willeya

I don’t take many pictures of our life

i already can’t remember what the kids were last year for halloween

I worry about this

How will they know what a happy childhood they lived?

How will they see what I see

The look of chocolate smeared satisfaction on their faces

while they sleep

i inhale their exhales in the dark

and scribble poems of love for them

in my mind on the ceiling

may this moment unconscious

true but unproven

become a passing thought on the crowded subway

going “home” to expired food and turned down heaters

that whispers “you walk on this earth beloved”

** a note on halloween 2015.  atticus had it in his head to be a ghost.  i wondered briefly about whether we should allow for such evil, but then figured out the price of a white shirt and face paint and remembered casper’s friendliness. so we let him on the grounds that he smile and say thank you. solomon was out of sorts when he woke up from his nap and the only thing that pleased him were the words “little moose”, one word per cheek.  we walked down main street of Greenville Maine with pillow cases for candy and solomon singing “trick or treat” in his own little tune.  it was so cute we tried to sing along but that didn’t please him either.