“There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.”  

(William Makepeace Thackeray)

i never knew what a perfect food avocados are till i wrote them down.  i simply listed their name on a gratitude log but that’s all i needed to see them right.

what started as a way to keep in touch with family/friends back “home” has morphed into a creative writing journal.

a way of setting loose the beauty in my life to ravish the darkness that’s there too.  words strung together, writing is what i never knew i always needed – even that i used my pen to discover.

i am married to a wonderful person named ben. he is a pastor and i am a counselor but we have lots of interests for some comic relief.  Jesus weaves His way through it all.  we have one son named atticus.

one thing you may notice is that i make small things big here.  every moment is a galaxy filled with planets and suns and moons to discover.  while, yes, i do believe this, i also struggle to write about things that really are the size of the heavens to me. real meaning makes my words feel the size of a pea to the sun.  i  was adopted and sometimes it feels like my life is one big reckoning of this but i rarely state it so plainly here.  it’s too big for your iphone4 but i do wonder that if at the end of my life i will look back to see that this was my little way of working it out, that it’s all buried in the common anyways. this is me dancing through the minefields of my every day life.

besides avocados, i enjoy nutrition, childbirth, thrifting, libraries, pubs, girlfriends, the country, and warm beverages.